theYmodelTM is a three-fold methodology which works as a structured mindset during assessment and evaluation before the decision making.

Everyday situations require decisions and as a result many people are not able to feel the certainty they desire. The results of this situation are twofold:
(i) that decision making can be delayed and situations catch up with the person, who is left wavering in the end
(ii) if the decision is not believed by the man himself, this results in him being influenced by the opinions/views of others and changing the decision easily and quickly. Worse still, frequent changes and shifts in decisions lead to loss of credibility

The purpose that theYmodel™ serves is to enable one to quickly and in simple, clear steps be able to assess a situation in order to encourage decision making.

By filtering the information as well as the evaluation process, a person is able to make a decision based on the prevailing situation and data at the time.

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