“Excellence is all around, sometimes so obvious that we miss it.”

Joseph O’Connor

The NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) system is a methodology that emerged from the study of discriminatingly effective people at the University of Santa Cruz California.

It refers as a set of techniques that allows us to analyze and explore the following two major axes:
(a) our thinking process to act and behave in order to discover the world of our experiences. Along with that, techniques & interventions are available by the NLP system, which allow us to make breakthroughs and help in our personal & business development
(b) the mindset that we have when we into contact with other people in order to be able to communicate effectively

The benefit for all NLP users is, a mindset to manage ourselves (inner game) before we can manage situations and other people (the outer game). Some of the benefits for those trained in NLP (in alphabetical order):

  • Analyzing & understanding our emotions
  • Armoring our personal ideas & wills
  • Dependent reflexes & emotion reactions
  • Dilemma management
  • Evaluating situations before making decisions
  • Goal setting (managing daily life and setbacks)
  • Goal setting (setting a desirable goal)
  • Goal setting (traps and how to avoid them)
  • Linguistic models of effective communication
  • Managing limiting beliefs
  • Managing priorities
  • Recognition and removal of limiting beliefs & attachments
  • Recognition of the ‘whys’ behind the must-dos
  • Recognizing my way of thinking & how I react to situations
  • Technique Think Out of the Box
  • Time Management
  • Understanding what I want to do
  • Understanding & setting our boundaries
  • Verbal & non-verbal communication
  • Win-Win tactics

The methodology can be taught in two ways:
1) Certification Process
2) Through its applications at our issues

Both processes are equally effective and contain both the theoretical training, and the neuroscientific dimension and support of the techniques and the practical application of it either for our professional advancement, personal development, and in other areas such as family, friends & acquaintances.

Our clients sometimes choose between the two modalities based on three criteria 1st individually or in a group or 2nd if they want certification from an institution & 3rd in the time, they want to complete it.

Which ever way you choose, feel free to contact us through the following form:

The methodologies we use

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