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The solution to challenges & problems can be a new approach. Think in a different way, through cutting edge methodologies, customized services and our unique approach, to develop a mindset that enhance your capabilities.

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Develop through group or team trainings with specific topics or subject

Revamp your mindset and achieve new goals in your personal life

What do my clients say:

When he takes you by the hand and leads you to the interior of your ego and you follow him fearlessly &with faith ... then it's not a lesson, it's an experience!
Maria T
Teacher (CY)
The feeling of being nurtured and he is there only for you, is something rare to find at a coach, and that is what I felt with Yanis
Julia C
Entrepreneur (USA)
Such an insight he has! And the way he can apply and customize the methodologies to your issues is something hard to find
Nikos Angelis
Entrepreneur (GR)

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