Yanis Athanasopoulos

Meet the founder of REPEBU, a Senior Trainer & Consultant/Coach. With a background in Marine Engineering and an MBA from Manchester Business School, Yanis began his career in shipping and subsequently transitioned to the heavy industry sector in Greece and the Balkans.

Recognizing the transformative power of people within the business world, Yanis dedicated himself to effecting change by improving individuals’ work methods and operations. His expertise lies in re-engineering both people and businesses to enhance the efficiency of professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

Yanis is a Certified Consultant & Trainer from the NLP Global Training & Consulting Community of NLP University at UCSC, endorsed by R. Dilts & J. DeLozier and is certified New Code NLP Practitioner. Additionally, by Mindset Maps International in the Success MindsetMaps™ Inventory, a cutting-edge leadership and success tool in the business arena, Coach on Relation Emotional Therapy & Coaching (RETaC) and has participated in Hypnotic master classes


One of Yanis’ notable contributions is the development of theYmodel™, a registered decision-making model. He frequently serves as a guest speaker at the University of the Aegean and holds a position on the Board of Directors of the Greek Alumni Association of Manchester Business School. Ioannis is a member of esteemed professional communities, including the Global NLP Training & Consulting Community, the European Board of NLP, the European Community of NLP, and the Hellenic Board of NLP.

In line with his commitment to volunteering, Yanis actively supports the Animasyros Animation Film Festival as the Volunteer Coordinator during his free time.


While REPEBU’s physical office is located in Athens, Greece, their training services are accessible worldwide as long as there is an internet connection. Fluency in English or Greek is required, and participants must demonstrate the willingness to expand their comfort zones and adopt a new mindset.


Yanis has actively participated in research projects funded by the ERASMUS+ EU program, focusing on developing training programs for effective communication methodologies for doctors and stress management in the workplace.


Yanis is supported by a dedicated team who share the same mindset and are ready to contribute to projects in various locations. Their service offerings cover a broad range, with a primary focus on training individuals to overcome challenges and develop a fresh mindset.

The methodologies we use

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